Nail Services and Pedicures


Spa Manicure
Includes softening soak, nail reshaping, buffing, cuticle care, cuticle oil, exfoliating sugar scrub, mask with hot towels OR moisturizing paraffin dip, hand massage, and polish.
30 minutes … $40
French Natural Nail … $45

Gel Polish Manicure
No more nicks, chips, and smudges, or dry time! Nail reshaping, buffing, cuticle care, shellac application, sugar scrub, and hand massage
45 minutes …
French … $50
Gel Removal…$10

Polish Change … $15

Gel Polish Color Change … $25

Paraffin Treatment can be added to any nail service … $15

Nails by Sharita Carey
Nails by Sharita Carey


Full Set of Acrylic … $70

Fill-In … $40

Pink & White Full Set … $75

Pink & White Fill-in … $45

Dip Powder … $50

Dip Removal … $10

Overlays … $50

Repairs … $5+ each



Detox Charcoal Pedicure
Activated charcoal absorbs impurities, making it an excellent natural ingredient to help purity and deep clean the skin. Includes a soak, scrub, mask, and massage.

Spa Pedicure
Exfoliate, moisturize, and pamper your feet with lavender sea salt scrub. The exfoliating sea salt draws toxins from the body while lavender heals and soothes your skin, resulting in a wonderfully relaxing and nourishing experience. Your choice of essential oils used here. Includes softening soak, nail cleaning, buffing, trimming, shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation with lavender sea salt scrub, minty mask with hot towels, moisturizer, foot massage, and polish.
50 minutes … $65

Gel Pedicure
Want color that lasts, shines, and strengthens nails at the same time? Then, gel polish is the way to go! Includes the Express Pedicure with gel polish.
50 minutes … $60
Gel Removal…$10

Express Pedicure
Pamper your feet with this pedicure designed for the on-the-go person! Includes softening soak, callus treatment, nail reshaping, buffing, cuticle care, moisturizer, foot massage, and polish.
30 minutes … $50


Late Policy

In order for us to offer quality service to our guests, please arrive 5 minutes before your service. Arriving 5 minutes late for your service may result in your service being shortened or rescheduled. Arriving 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment will be treated as a same day cancellation or may be rescheduled.